Classic Wool

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Patons (A Coats & Clark Canada Co.), 100% pure new merino wool, 100 gm, worsted weight

Cabled Headband - Two Color

The photo shows the cabled headband in process, after blocking, before joining in the round, since it is easier to photograph this way. This is the fourth cabled headband I've knitted, but the first in two colors. The single color headbands take me one evening and the two color, two evenings to complete. The pattern is easy to memorize. Read more .... for tips on working the headband in two colors.

Using a J-hook Cable Needle

The J-hook or shepherd's crook cable needle offers a number of advantages for knitting cables. Because it has both a leading and trailing arm of different lengths, the chances of twisting the stitches are minimized, because you can more easily tell if the cable needle has been twisted, when compared to cable needles whose arms are equal in length and symmetrical. In addition the deep U, holds the stitches well, so that they do not slip off easily. The following photographs illustrate these advantages as well as the cable needle in use.

Color Work - Duplicate Stitch

Argyle Duplicate StitchArgyleDuplicate stitch is a type of embroidery on knitting which mimics the stocking stitch and provides a method of introducing color to a completed knitting project. The small swatch (not blocked) shows duplicate stitches in white and green added to a two-color sample to create an argyle pattern. This is the fourth in a series of articles on introducing color to knitting. For instructions on creating the duplicate stitch read more....

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