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Coats Gmbh, Germany brand sock yarn. 75%:25% virgin wool:nylon blend, fingering weight, 4 ply.

Basic Sock - Turning Heel

Turning HeelTurning HeelThe turning heel consists of short rows to shape the curve around the heel. The stitches in the middle are knitted, with paired decreases fanning out from the center, as the outer stitches are brought into the pattern. The travelling, paired decreases form a triangle which fits around your heel and the outer stitches form the curve. This section knits up very quickly.

The term short row, is a row in which you do not knit completely across. For the heel, it is bordered with slip stitches on either end, whose function is to visually blend stitches to form a smooth transition with the regular stitches on the ends of the row.

Basic Socks

Updated June 4, 2012
After I had knit my first pair of socks using two circular needles, I decided to develop alternate instructions to better suit my knitting style and improve clarity. I have to admit that I struggled with some of the instructions in the book that I used to learn knitting socks with 2 circular needles. The steps for the basic sock technique are explained here for a woman's medium sized sock. References are provided for other sizes.

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