Kitchener Rib Cast On

The Kitchener rib stitch cast on forms an elastic edge that is an excellent start for a 1 x 1 rib stitch or a reversible fabric. I used it to cast on a reversible headband in two colors. This cast on can also be used for a single color cast on, but is actually easier to learn with two different colors. It is called a tubular cast on or Italian cast on and this is just one of many ways of generating a tubular cast on. Read more ..... for stepwise illustrated instructions. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

Grafting Mnemonic - for stocking stitch, garter stitch & mixed stitches

Earlier this week I was grafting another cabled headband which had both purl and knit stitches, which meant I was grafting "in pattern." For the cabled headband, my preferred method of joining it in the round is with the Kitchener (also called grafting or weaving) stitch, because it creates an invisible join and does not add bulk. When grafting knitted pieces that are "in pattern," a combination of the two basic grafting stitches is used and it is helpful to have a mnemonic to remember which grafting stitch to use and thus reduce confusion. Read more .... for memory aid.

March Sky

March Sky

The sky was a magnificent blue, the birds were singing, the squirrels crunching on walnuts, and the snow was visibly melting. It would have been a beautiful day to be outside, instead of working.

Product Review - Windmere Clothes Shaver Plus

Nowadays many manufacturers sell clothes shavers. These are a necessary evil for knitters and knitwear lovers. They do a great job of refreshing your knitwear, particularly elbows, cuffs, collars and other high wear, high friction areas. My two favorite sweaters both need an occasional shave to rejuvenate them: one an acrylic shawl collar jacket in an unusual green blend, and the other a long cashmere/angora turtleneck sweater. I've also had a couple of pairs of socks that benefitted from a shave now and then.

If you knit a lot or enjoy knitwear, then a clothes shaver is a must have tool. Although mine has performed well for a number of years, there are some design shortcomings. Read more ... to find out what features I like and which ones fall short.

New Monica Knits Baby Sock Pattern for Sale!

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