Color Work - Duplicate Stitch

Argyle Duplicate StitchArgyleDuplicate stitch is a type of embroidery on knitting which mimics the stocking stitch and provides a method of introducing color to a completed knitting project. The small swatch (not blocked) shows duplicate stitches in white and green added to a two-color sample to create an argyle pattern. This is the fourth in a series of articles on introducing color to knitting. For instructions on creating the duplicate stitch read more....

The following method is the one I find easiest to remember, because it brackets the stitch location top and bottom.

  1. In the duplicate stitch, the needle is first passed from the wrong side to the good side of the fabric, beneath the "V" of the stitch which will be duplicated.
  2. Then the yarn is passed behind the vertical "bars" of the stitch above the intended stitch location.
  3. In the third step, the yarn returns through the original opening below the stitch, from good side to wrong side. Further stitches are completed similarly.

The first photograph shows the needle passing from the back through the front of the knitting, appearing in the opening below the "V" where the intended stitch will be completed.

Step 2Step 2 The sketch at left, shows how the needle and yarn are passed behind the vertical "bars" above the desired stitch location.

To view the original sample, prior to embroidery, please click on the following link: Color Work - Using Bobbins.

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