Food Review : Private Selection Kentucky Bourbon Craft BBQ Sauce

We love to bbq in the summer and the mymagazine sharing network kindly provided us with a FREE choice from Private Selection's new craft bbq sauces to try. Mr. monicaknits did the cooking so lets follow his process!

We chose the Kentucky Bourbon flavor as as it sounded tasty: "Sweet and tangy with oaky bourbon notes from real, barrel-aged bourbon".

First up, lets look at the ingredients for this cook: Two russet potatoes for baking, lemon pepper marinade and some classic garden salad.

The most important ingredient for a bbq is the meat of course. We picked out a beautiful (1.88 lbs) cut of boneless Beef Round Eye of Roast. It was put in a bag, the marinade added and placed in the fridge overnight.

The next day, Mr. monicaknits used a rotisserie with the roast off to the side to get indirect heat. The potatoes are wrapped in tin foil. He monitors the internal temperature with a probe. I like my meat more on the well done side so you can see the internal temp was 80C at the end which is higher then most bbq'ers will cook to but it works for me.

The bbq sauce was applied near the end of the cook, and then a little bit more after it was carved. You can see how juicy the beef was!

Plating up the meal with the salad, a portion of a baked potatoe with cheese and some baked beans made a great dinner.

The Private Selection craft bbq sauce really brought the flavors out and this was one of the best bbq dinners this year. I would recommend this sauce not only for bbq but as a topping for a quick sandwich as well!

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