Food Review : Dr Praeger's Fish Taco Bites

I like trying new things at dinner so yesterday I tested out Dr Praeger's new Fish Taco Bites in the monicaknits kitchen.

(Disclosure : I had a coupon for a free entree, but it didn't work at checkout so I paid $5.29 for it at my local Kroger).

There are three servings in the package, but I decided to cook it all even though I was eating solo. I used a baking pan lined with tin foil for cooking.

Per the instructions, I gave the pan a good shake halfway thru to ensure it was even. At the end, I used a probe thermometer to confirm the bites were well above the minimum specified.

I like my food a little crispy so the cook times and temperature on the package worked out well for me.

To make a meal, I also baked 140g of crinkle fries at the same time and made a salad. I served myself about a third of the Taco Bites and put the rest in the fridge for a later meal or maybe as a snack.

It was a delicious meal. The Taco Bites wild caught Pollock is very flavorful. And, I really liked the taste of the lime, cilantro and jalpeno. The crispy tortilla coating was light and even.

I did add some lemon drops, but that is only because I do that for all fish dishes.

The monicaknits kitchen score : Give it a try!

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