Queen Silvia Shawl

I knitted this shawl for my mother to match her Lily of the Valley Socks--lily of the valley being one of her favorite flowers. Minor changes to Nancy Bush's pattern instructions sped the knitting and a few additional quality control tips prevented errors.

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Construction Tips
I used a different method for the provisional cast on and replaced the left slanting decrease: sl 1, k2tog, psso with a ssk, which looks neater and knits up faster. I also modified the corners of the border.

The pattern recommends 2 stitch markers for separating the garter stitch borders from the central lily lace pattern. I found it helpful to use additional stitch markers for separating the individual lily repeat patterns as well as the initial cast on.

Although I generally prefer to use circular needles, this is one example where straight needles speed the knitting of the main body, due to the the 5 loop bobbles (called nupps). With straight needles the loop sizes are maintained--with a circular needle they collapse while resting on the cables which makes knitting the nupps more tedious. So I used straight needles for the main body and 2 circular needles for the border lace.

Click here to read the article: Tips for Knitting a 5 stitch Nupp with Lace Weight Yarn.

When I picked up the border stitches I used stitch markers for counting since a total of 776 stitches are picked up. The pattern recommends placing a marker at each corner, but I preferred isolating each corner stitch with a marker before and after it.
I used 2 circular needles for the border, a 24" circular needle holding 130 stitches on the starting side and a 60" one for the other 3 sides of the shawl. This made it easy to recognize the start of the next round as well as the developing pattern and aided quality control.

Knit Picks, Bare, 100% Merino Wool, lace weight (130 grams or 4-5/8 oz)

24" wide by 48" long for 21 repeats (20 regular, one final) of the lace pattern.

Pattern Source
Nancy Bush, Knitted Laces of Estonia: Techniques, Patterns and Traditions, Interweave Press LLC, (c) 2008, pp. 40-45

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