Basic Sock - Heel Flap

Heel FlapHeel FlapThe basic sock pattern uses a French heel--a slip-stitch, honeycomb pattern that provides comfort, fit and durability. For the heel flap, you will be working with only 30 stitches and a 2.0 mm circular needle. The stitches are worked back and forth on the single needle for a total of 30 rows. A chain stitch selvage makes it easy to later see and pick up stitches for the gusset.

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Basic Sock - Heel Flap
If you have wider heels, you may want to work the heel flap and heel with half (1/2) the sock stitches (32). Follow the same instructions below for 32 stitches.

SelvedgeSelvageThe first 30 stitches of the round, have been placed on a 2.0 mm circular needle.
Row 1: Sl 1 purl-wise (with yarn in back), K1, *(Sl 1 knit-wise, K1), repeat from * across
Row 2: Sl 1 purl-wise (with yarn in fornt), P to last stitch, K1
Repeat Rows 1 & 2 and additional 14 times (30 rows total for heel flap).
The photo at left shows the inside of the heel flap and the chain stitch selvage.

Quality Control Tips

  1. The chain stitch selvage provides a neat edge with just the right number of stitches for pick up.
  2. There are several methods to accomplish the French heel and slip-stitch pattern. This one is easy to remember because each row starts with a Slip 1 purlwise and ends with a K1. Particularly on the odd numbered rows, if the last two stitches aren't Sl 1 knitwise followed by K1, then you know you have to correct an error before you go on.
  3. If you lose count on rows, the RS is an odd row and WS is an even row. Count the chain stitches at the selvage edge and multiply by 2 to figure out the row number.

NEXT STEP - Turning Heel
The turning heel consists of short rows to shape the curve around the heel.

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