Easter Parade Socks

Hop into spring with a parade of easter colors for baby! Knit all 3 sizes of this darling baby sock with a skein each of PaletteTM fingering weight, Peruvian Heighland wool yarn in spring green, baby chick and lady slipper colors. The cuff and toes are yellow, the heel green, and the sock body features all three colors in a spring garden medley.
This charming sock, in 3 sizes (0-6, 6-12 and 12-24 months of age), features slip stitch color work, a ribbed cuff, waste yarn heel, and Kitchener toe. The sock body is knitted with single color rounds to create a ground rich with yellow, green and pink buds. With this color method, no stranding or weaving is required, simplifying construction.

Pattern Information The pattern can be purchased alone or in kit form from Knit Picks:

Yarn Palette RT Knit Picks, 100% Peruvian highland wool, fingering weight, 50 g (1.5 oz), 231 yds. One skein in each color makes all 3 sizes of socks: Semolina (24520) MC, Green Tea Heather (24258) CC1, Lady Slipper (24573) CC2.
Size 12-24 months: 78 yds for a pair (18, 12.5, 8.4 yds), or 18 g.

Needles I used two sizes, the smaller one (2.0 or 2.25 mm) for the toes and heels. You may only require a single size to match the gauge. Select needle size to obtain gauge.
US 2 (2.5 mm) 2 circulars or 4-5 dpns
US 0 (2.0 mm) or US 1 (2.25 mm) 2 circulars or 4-5 dpns

Gauge in the round
Linen Stitch: 40 sts / 39 rds = 4" (2.5 mm needles)
Stocking Stitch: 18 sts / 22 rnds = 2" (2.0 or 2.25 mm needles)

2 small yarn bobbins (recommended)
Stitch markers (optional)
Tally counter or stitch register
Darning Needle

    Construction Technique Illustrations, Videos and Tutorials - more links coming April
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  2. Circular Cast On (2 circular needle technique illustrated)
  3. Managing Colors Using Bobbins
    Cabled Headband (two color - gold and red) Photos showing bobbin use
  4. Picking up Provisional Stitches, waste yarn method
    Waste Yarn Thumb (stocking stitch side)
    Waste Yarn Thumb (purl stitch side)
  5. Tools & Sources Illustrations and descriptions of tools
  6. Knitting Needle Size Cross-Reference Chart

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