Undoing an SSK Stitch by Knitting in Reverse

Image 1Image 1Lately there have been an number of inquiries for undoing SSKs (slip, slip knit decreases), so I have attached stepwise photos for undoing an SSK by knitting in reverse. The hands are held in the same position as when knitting, however the stitches are undone from left to right and the yarn is wound around the finger, instead of unwound. Read more...
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  1. The left hand needle is pointing to the two loops comprising a completed SSK.
  2. The left hand needle enters both loops from behind, following the path of the yarn through the loops in the direction left to right, back to front.
  3. The two loops that were the SSK decrease now reside on the left hand needle and the yarn has been released from the stitch. To untwist a loop, pick it up from the back and transfer it to the right hand needle.
  4. Untwist the second loops using the same process as the first.
  5. Replace both loops on the left hand needle. Note that the loops are correctly oriented when the leading edge of the loops faces towards you.

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